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SO 4045 / SO 4545

Course Co-ordinator: Dr R Wilkie

Pre-requisite(s): Available only to students in Programme Year 4 only. Students should normally have 135 credits in Sociology courses. Students lacking these credits may be allowed to take the course with the Head of Department's permission.

Note(s): This course will be available in the second half-session of 2012/13 as SO 4545.

Since the 1980’s, the social sciences have witnessed an ‘animal turn’, as evidenced by the emerging field of human-animal studies. This course explores the sociological and political significance of human-animal relations in contemporary modern societies, and considers the implications of the ‘animal turn’ on mainstream disciplinary assumptions. The institutionalised use of animals, such as agricultural animals, is also increasingly contentious. The course outlines key historical, religious and philosophical influences to contextualise the ambiguous and multifaceted nature of interspecies relations, and draws on perspectives such as actor-network theory, ecofeminism, symbolic interactionism, postmodernism, and ‘public sociology’ to inform related discussions and debates.

1 one-hour lecture and 1 one-hour tutorial per week.

1st attempt: 1 three-hour written examination (60%); continuous assessment (40%).