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PH 303A / PH 353A

Course Co-ordinator: Dr U Stegmann

Pre-requisite(s): None.

Note(s): This course will be available in 2012/13 as PH 353A / PH 453A.

Over the last decades, the philosophy of biology has matured into a separate and dynamic field of philosophical inquiry. This introductory course aims to provide an overview of the field by examining some classical topics as well as more recent developments. The course ranges over key biological disciplines (evolutionary biology, ecology, molecular biology) and traces connections between philosophy of biology and other areas of philosophy, especially general philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind and language. The precise contents of the course may change from year to year.

1 one and a half-hour lecture and 1 one and a half-hour tutorial per week
(Thus, each student will have 3 contact hours per week.) Tutorials/seminars begin in week 2.

1st Attempt: Two 2,500 word essays (100%).

Resit: 1 two-hour written exam (100%). In line with School Policy, students cannot pass the course on the first attempt if a component piece of assessed work is submitted and marked 0-5. The student must then take the resit in order to pass the course. Failure to submit a component piece of assessed work, or submitting a token piece, will result in the withdrawal of the class certificate.