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GG 3565

Course Co-ordinator: Mr W Walton and Dr N Spedding

Pre-requisite(s): At least one of GG 2011, GG 2509, LE 2031, MR 2508 or MR 2509. Available only to students in Programme Year 3 or above.

This course is designed for students with an interest in how best to make use of land, water and cultural resources. It examines the science, ethics, aesthetics, economics, law and politics of land and marine management at a variety of geographic levels from the international down to the local, and draws heavily upon case studies from the USA, the UK and the rest of Europe. Potential examples include the protection and management of: Antarctica; fish stocks; areas of natural beauty; historical cities; and the peri-urban fringe from the threats posed by the likes of: mineral extraction; energy schemes; airport expansion; intensive farming practices; urban sprawl and tourism/leisure proposals.

The course will be taught through a mixture of lectures, discussions and seminars, supported by self directed learning.

1st Attempt: 1 x 2,000 word essay (33%); 1 x project report on a relevant topic of your choice (2000 words per student) (33%); a data response based written examination (33%).

Resit: Original coursework carried forward (67%) plus examination (33%).