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GG 2510

Course Co-ordinator: Dr M Spagnolo

Pre-requisite(s): Only available to students in Programme Year 2.

The course covers: map reading and map creation; measurement, recording and manipulation of ground-surveyed and remotely-sensed data; data acquisition via a Global Positioning System; analysis of aerial photograph and satellite images; approaches to environmental monitoring based on multi-temporal images; the storage, manipulation and timely provision of geographical information; methods of analysing and presenting the results through Geographical Information Systems. The theoretical basis of both Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing techniques will form the foundations of the course, with reference to case studies at a range of scales (from local to global) both in lectures and practical work.

2 one-hour lectures per week (14 hours in total) plus surgery sessions to support practical work (6 hours).

1st Attempt: For students who complete the two coursework exercises to a satisfactory standard: coursework (100%). These students will obtain exemption from the degree exam, and their coursework mark will provide the overall course CAS mark. For students who do not obtain exemption from the degree exam: coursework (50%) plus exam (50%).

Resit: Original coursework carried forward (50%), plus exam (50%).