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GG 2011

Course Co-ordinator: Dr D Watts

Pre-requisite(s): GG 1007 or GG 1509.

This course examines political, economic, social and cultural change from a spatial perspective, using a range of concepts and case studies. Although intended to provide a foundation for higher level study of human geography, it is designed to be accessible to students of cognate disciplines such as anthropology, economics, history, international relations and sociology. Topics to be addressed include, for example:
globalisation; political geography; uneven development; rural change in Western Europe; relationships between place and identity. The course is team-taught, often using examples drawn from our own fields of research.

The course is delivered through 2 one-hour lectures per week (22 hours in total). There are also two drop-in surgery sessions for informal discussion of any issues that students have concerning the coursework assignments (up to 4 hours in total).

For students who complete the two coursework assignments to a satisfactory standard: coursework (100%). These students will obtain exemption from the degree exam and their coursework mark will provide the overall course CAS mark.

For students who do not obtain exemption from the degree exam: coursework (50%) plus exam (50%).

Original coursework carried forward (50%), plus exam (50%).