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ED 1544

Course Co-ordinator: Liz Clark

Pre-requisite(s): Compulsory course for all students in the BEd (Hons) programme in Year 1. PVG Scheme check completed prior to start of course. Full participation and evidence of developing professionalism through attendance in ED1028 Learning How To Learn. Partnership with Local Authorities in provision of field placement as well as duty of care of children within schools demands that there is evidence of acceptable level of professionalism and commitment to study on campus in order to be fully prepared for field placement

Co-requisite(s): What Makes Us Human 1B

The central focus of this course is the exploration of learning communities and their influence on young learners, development and achievement, within an ecological systems framework. Collaborative groups will work with field professionals and university tutors to investigate informal and formal learning contexts and their influences on the young learner. Through enquiry, students will be given the opportunity to explore assumptions, values and beliefs about effective learning within systems of education
Course content will include:
*Relevant theories of learning
*Skills of enquiry and observation
*Presentation skills
*Collaborative working in professional context

Key skills that students are introduced to include:
*Critical reading
*Planning and preparation

Students to be available for this course which normally runs Monday 1.00pm-5.00pm (13 one-hour lectures and fourteen 1½-hour tutorials, 1 two-hour forum)
and on a Wednesday from 9.00am-1.00pm. Students will be required to undertake a Field Experience placement in a school community on Wednesdays of Weeks 34-37 and 41-43 (45 hours equivalent).

1st Attempt: Part A : 3,000 word reflective essay.
Part B: E-portfolio with evidence of development throughout the course and investigations of key course themes (2,000 word).

Critical analysis of a key policy agreed with tutor (1,000 words).

Resit: Resubmission of any aspect (dependent on failure).