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CM 1021

Course Co-ordinator: Dr W Harrison

Pre-requisite(s): SQA Higher in Chemistry at B or better, or GCE A level in Chemistry, or equivalent qualification; other qualifications with permission of the course coordinator.

Co-requisite(s): As specified in the University Calendar for certain degree programs, otherwise none.

Note(s): This course cannot be taken with CM 1020. Students who intend to continue with Chemistry beyond level 1 and who do not have a mathematics pass at Higher or A-level are recommended to take the Introductory Mathematics courses MA 1007 and MA 1507.

This course covers the foundations of chemistry in the physical sciences and engineering. The course includes quantitative chemical calculations, atomic structure, the periodic table, and chemical bonding. The section on organic chemistry describes structural and stereochemical aspects and simple functional groups, and the section on physical chemistry includes study of the gas laws, heats of reaction and the energetics of chemical processes.

2 one-hour lectures (times TBA) and 1 one-hour class workshop (time TBA) per week. 6 fortnightly three-hour laboratory classes (times TBA).

1st Attempt: 1 two-hour written examination (50%), continuous assessment (30%) and lab work (20%).

Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (100%).