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AC 1513

Course Co-ordinator: Mr A Mulhern

Pre-requisite(s): None.

An introduction to accounting

  • The need for performance measurement and accounting

  • An introduction to business planning

  • An overview of financial accounting.

  • Recording and classifying transactions: Double entry systems

  • Analysing transactions: preparation of financial statements trading and manufacturing

  • Basic cash flow statements

  • An overview of management accounting

  • Understanding costs behaviour, labour, materials and overheads

  • An introduction to costing systems absorption and marginal costing

  • Short term decision making

  • Budgeting
  • 2 one-hour lectures per week and 1 two-hour tutorial per week.

    1st Attempt: 1 two-hour closed-book written examination (70%) and continuous assessment based on work in tutorials and participation in an online computer assisted learning package (30%).

    Resit: 1 two-hour written examination (70%) and continuous assessment (30%). Students can carry forward their continuous assessment marks from a previous sitting. Because of the nature of the continuous assessment, this cannot be retaken within the same academic session. Accordingly, where this is in the interests of the student, the student will be assessed on the resit examination alone. Some of the tutorial test marks count towards continuous assessment.