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The Voice of Radicalism

Urban Radicalism - 1850-1900

The Third Reform Act (1884/5) gave the vote to most adult male heads of households throughout Scotland.

  • Until this time, the various strands of urban radicalism remained united.
  • Differences then began to emerge between Liberals and Socialists causing the radical tradition to splinter.
  • After 1886, Liberal radical unity was divided over the Irish Home Rule question.

The Scottish Reform League

This movement wanted more people to be eligible to vote. The Scottish Reform league:

  • Was founded in 1867, and revived radicalism in Aberdeen
  • Had its aims partly met by the 1868 Second Reform Act. This Act enfranchised many working class householders.

The Aberdeen Trades Council

The Aberdeen Trades Council was established in 1868 to represent working class interests.

  • In 1877 it was invited to send representatives to the radical-dominated Aberdeen Liberal Association
  • In August 1884 the Trades’ Council played a major part in the largest politicaldemonstration since 1832. This demonstration was in favour of the people in the counties having the same voting rights as people in the burghs
  • The Trades’ Council took part in a demonstration in 1886 with the Junior Liberal and Radical Associations in support of Irish and Scottish Home Rule (devolution).

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