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The Voice of Radicalism

An Independant Gentleman


An Independant Gentleman


"Rowan Tree"


He's all my painter painted him,
He's lovely, he's sublime,
An independent gentleman,
Exactly in his prime.

His speeches most judicious are,
Most sensible and clear,
He'll fly a speech in Parliament,
As usual, once a-year.

An' eh! he is a braw young lad,
A credit till our town,
Fat was't but just his eloquence,
That pat the Tories doun?

His speeches tell weel in the House,
His wit is superfine,
And wha in honour o' his name,
Wad not drink like a swine.

Lat's cram our tripes in Sandy's cause,
And drink till we be blin';
For a gentleman mair liberal,
My Faith! ye'll never fin'.


Grace Banks
David Hunter
Susan Kirkwood
Shirley Watt
Eric White


Songs from 'WHIG-RADICAL Festival Extraordinary!' (1835) (4)
This Tory pamphlet mocks the Whigs and Radicals. It suggests, particularly through the songs, that the Whigs and Radicals are not united, and that the Whig MP, Alexander Bannerman, who is given the position of the Chairman at this 'dinner', is a most ineffectual Member of Parliament. This song refers to Sir Alexander, and suggests that he is exactly the opposite to what the words are saying!

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