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To the Banffshire Voters


To the Banffshire Voters


"Whistle o'er the lave o't "


Ye Banffshire Voters, ane an' a',
Feuars and farmers - great an' sma',
Arouse! Unite! Your spirit shaw!
And vote for - Colonel Gordon.

Your matters a' he well does ken;
His interests too, are just your ain;
And he'll you serve wi' might an' main -
The gallant - Colonel Gordon.

He is convener of your shire;
To name his claims it wad you tire;
To right your wrangs nane can aspire
Sae fit as - Colonel Gordon.

That ye your privilege have got,
Spite o' Pitfour - and right to vote
Is partly owing - is it not?
To active - Colonel Gordon.

For fair Reform you fought wi' might,
Ye've got it now:- 'tis worth your fight:
Its movements a' will sure gang right,
Watched o'er by - Colonel Gordon.

Let silly sumphs to poll be led,
Like sheep in raips for slaughter fed;
Sic laughing-stocks ye'll nae be made,
Wha' vote for - Colonel Gordon.

Consistency and self-respect,
And seal your interests to protect;
All motives urge you to elect
Reformer - Colonel Gordon.


Grace Banks
David Hunter
Shirley Watt
Eric White


extracted from the Aberdeen Herald, October 1832
Political ballads, set to well-known tunes, were popular during the nineteenth century. This electioneering song discussing Aberdeenshire Whig candidates, is anti-Tory in sentiment.

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