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Database Entries - The Reform to 1850

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Church Reform, Aberdeen Pirate 1833

The editor of the Aberdeen Pirate feels that Reform should be available wherever it is needed, but that people should be careful how they used it. The Church was in need of reform, especially in the area of Patronage. Reform in the Church, through the Disruption, was to take another ten years.


Our New Magistrates 1833

The editor of the Aberdeen Pirate is delighted that none of the old council have been re-elected, and commends the citizens of Aberdeen for their good sense. He also points out that the new council should not indulge in 'feasting at the public expense' and that they should conduct council business in...


Radical Demonstration

The top article which appeared in The Aberdeen Shaver, a satirical newspaper, mentions the huge radical demonstration held at the Links, Aberdeen on 16th August 1838. However, the writer is more concerned with satirizing the sentiments of the meeting and the participants themselves, than reporting what...


Radical Demonstration the Greater

This paragraph, which appeared in The Aberdeen Shaver, a satirical newspaper, refers to a huge radical demonstration held at the Links, Aberdeen on 25th August 1838. The writer's main concern is satire. The Shaver was against teetotalism, and slants the bulk of this paragraph towards that. Aberdeen....


Agitations of the Month

The editor of the Aberdeen Shaver takes a satirical look at popular demonstrations occuring in Aberdeen in January and February 1839. Chartism had taken hold in Aberdeen by this time, but as it was well connected with the Temperance Movement, The Shaver did not approve!


The Coming Election

The writer discusses the merits, or otherwise, of the candidates in the three Aberdeen wards, in the forthcoming local election.


Extract from the Town Clerk's Roll, October 1847

This extract from the Town Clerk's Roll, shows how people voted. an 'F' beside someone's name indicates that they voted for Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, Tory candidate and ex-city councillor. An 'S' indicates that Colonel Sykes was the recipient of the vote. Fordyce was elected.


Whig-Radical Festival Extraordinary

This pamphlet is a Tory lampoon which mocks the Whigs and Radicals. It suggests, particularly through the songs, that the Whigs and Radicals are not united, and that the Whig MP, Alexander Bannerman, who is given the position of the Chairman at this 'dinner', is a most ineffectual Member of Parliament....


Complete Suffrage, speech by James Adam

James Adam, the author, was the Radical editor of the Aberdeen Herald. He had attended a conference in Birmingham in 1842 which adopted the six main Chartist points - even though conference refused to call itself Chartist. The main points were: universal male suffrage, the secret ballot, equal sized...


Address by Horatio Ross of Rossie to the Constituency...

Horatio Ross points out to his constituents that he does not intend to stand again at another election.


The Queen and Liberty

The poster states that Victoria, who had recently become queen, was a supporter of Reform.


CIty Election

In spite of Mr Ross, a Conservative, being unable to attend meetings in Aberdeen, his supporters still wished to show their support for him.


To the Working Classes of Aberdeen

Political squib condemning Reform.


To the Independent Electors of the County of Aberdeen

Poster asking electors in Aberdeenshire to support the Liberal candidate, Sir Thomas Burnett.


A Secret for the Ears of Liberal Moderates, Voluntaries,...

A last-minute attempt by the Tory faction in Aberdeen to worry the Liberals before the 1841 general election, about their candidate Alexander Bannerman.

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