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Burgh of Aberdeen Municipal Register 1872-73

Example of pages from the 1872 Municipal Register.


Grand Procession

This Tory, anti-Bannerman election poster refers to characters by Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott amongst others in an attempt to belittle the Whig supporters.


To the Liberal Electors of the Burgh of Aberdeen

This election poster asks the Aberdeen electorate to support the Liberal candidate James W Barclay, rather than the other Liberal planning to stand in the city, John Farley Leith. Farley Leith was returned as the Member of Parliament for Aberdeen in the 1872 by-election.


The Electors' Lament

This song is addressed to James William Barclay (1833-1907), who represented the 1st ward in Aberdeen town council in from 1864-1867 and the 3rd ward in 1868 to 1871. He was a shipowner, which is referred to in the fourth verse. Barclay stood as a second, but unsuccessful Liberal candidate in the 1872...


To the Electors of West Aberdeenshire

Excerpt from an open letter which appears to come from a Tory candidate for West Aberdeenshire in the 1870s.


Mr Shaw's Speech on the Hustings Today

James Shaw was the Tory candidate in the 1872 by-election, brought about by the death of the MP Col Sykes. Both John Farley Leith, whom Shaw attacks here, and James Barclay, stood as Liberal candidates. John Farley Leith won.


The Epistles of the Acts of the Electors

These five 'epistles' are written in the biblical style relating to the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles, in this case, the apostles being the town councillors. The first epistle is about city council elections, with particular reference to a certain Mr Wallace, a confectioner to trade....


Local Statistics 1868

Some electoral related statistics for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in 1868.


Election of a Member of Parliament for the City of...

This notice details Aberdeen's polling districts in 1837.


City of Aberdeen Registration of Voters

A notice to remind potential electors to register.


Lists of Councils, from Municipal Affairs Aberdeen,...

A list of the successful and unsuccessful candidates in the Aberdeen Council Election of November 1833.


Excerpts from Municipal Affairs Aberdeen, 1833-1946

The first of these two excerpts gives the date on which Isabella Burgess became the first woman in Aberdeen to be elected a Town Councillor.


City of Aberdeen Second Ward Poll Book for the Election...

This poll book from 1843 lists those entitled to vote in the second ward of Aberdeen City. The names and occupations of those standing are listed across the top of the page. The number of votes for each cadidate is listed cumulatively, and the final page shows what time the poll closed at.


The Reform Committee

The writer asks why the Reform Committee are not planning to hold a meeting about the proposed Reform Petition.


Reform Meeting on the Broadhill of the Links

This article describes the meeting held in Aberdeen on 18th May 1832 in support of electoral reform.

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