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The Voice of Radicalism

The Reform Coalition - Reform to 1850

Reformers wanted to end the old political system. The demands for radical change were strongest in Aberdeen.

  • Established businessmen wanted to replace the Tory-voting Haddens with Liberals like themselves
  • The new middle classes wanted to decide who ran the council and the Church of Scotland
  • Many working class inhabitants also wanted the vote
  • James Adam, the radical editor of The Aberdeen Herald wanted to separate Church and State.
  • The Blaikie family led the Aberdeen reform movement.
  • They were manufacturers who wanted to run the council
  • They were Whigs (rather conservative old-fashioned Liberals)
  • They led an alliance for change that included working class radicals
  • In 1831 they organised a big rally on the Links attended by more than 10,000 people supporting Reform.

Joseph Hume from Montrose was the most famous local Radical. He:

  • Represented the Aberdeen group of burghs prior to 1830
  • Was rector of Marischal College
  • Was a popular speechwriter whose speeches were widely circulated in the press.

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