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The Voice of Radicalism

Background - 1850-1900

The Second Reform Act was passed in 1867/8. As a result, many working class burgh electors gained the vote. Liberal MPs had to become more Radical in outlook.

The Secret Ballot was introduced in 1872. As a result of this,

  • Landowners lost political control over parliamentary representation. This was important, especially when the changes made by the Third Reform Act are considered.

There was an increase in the numbers of those entitled to vote as a result of the Third Reform Act (1884/5):

  • Small tenant farmers demanded that the state should intervene on their behalf in tenant-landlord negotiations
  • The working class demanded a welfare state which was to be based on taxation of the rich
  • These demands challenged the individualism of nineteenth century Radicalism. Collectivist (group) bargaining was now used as people became more aware that they would have more strength if they joined together.

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