Dr Douglas Martin

Dr Douglas Martin The University of Aberdeen School of Psychology Dr Douglas Martin Senior Lecturer work +44 (0)1224 273647 http://personperceptionlab.org  pref School of Psychology William Guild Building Room F17 Kings College Old Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Senior Lecturer

Dr Douglas Martin

Contact Details

Telephone: +44 (0)1224 273647
Email: doug.martin@abdn.ac.uk
Personal website: http://personperceptionlab.org 
Address: School of Psychology
William Guild Building
Room F17
Kings College
Old Aberdeen
AB24 3FX

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I am an experimental social psychologist who is primarily interested in social cognition. I received both an MA (2000) and PhD (2005) in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen. Following my PhD, I worked as post-doc in Aberdeen for a further 3-years, before lecturing at Northumbria University for a year in 2008/09. I re-joined the School of Psychology in Aberdeen as a lecturer in the summer of 2009.

Much of my published research examines how we extract social category information from faces. I am increasingly interested in the social and cognitive factors that lead to the formation of cultural stereotypes. In 2010, I received an award under the ESRC First Grants scheme (now the Future Research Leaders scheme), to examine whether stereotypes form and change through a process of cumulative cultural evolution.

Along with my collaborators, Dr Sheila Cunningham (University of Abertay) and Dr Gillian Slessor (University of Aberdeen), I run the Person Peception Lab (http://www.personperceptionlab.org) to pursue our shared interests in how social cognition develops across the lifespan.

Current Research

  • Person perception
  • Stereotype formation and application
  • Extracting social information from faces

Research Grants

2011-2014: Formation of stereotypes through cumulative cultural transmission. ESRC First Grants Scheme. £162, 201.

2012-2013: Does unattended face information trigger switch costs when attending to other social categories? Experimental Psychology Society Small Grant, £2500.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Level 1: Social Psychology
  • Level 4: Cultural Evolution

External Responsibilities

  • STEM ambassador
  • BPS higher education advocate

Admin Responsibilities

  • Exams officer
  • Teaching advisory group
  • Postgraduate committee
  • Member of senate
  • CLSM Athena Swan team member


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