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Cover of WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide

Dr Rona Patey's (University of Aberdeen) study of WHO Patient Safety Curriculum released.

Research presentation on "Effective Comunication during Postoperative Handover" by Prof Dr Tanja Manser, University of Fribourg.

About the Patient Safety Research Group

The University of Aberdeen has the oldest chair of medicine in the English speaking world (founded in 1497) and has a long history of medical research to improve the quality of treatment for patients.

Studies in the USA, Australia, Canada, England and Scotland have shown that 8-10% of patients admitted to hospital have suffered an adverse event. Health care organisations have been advised to study the methods used in high risk industry to improve the standard of patient safety. Drawing on twenty years experience of the University's Industrial Psychology Research Centre, which specialises in safety management for high reliability industries (eg, offshore oil, nuclear power, aviation), the Patient Safety Research Group was established in 2003. Members of the group are mainly based in the Schools of Medicine and Psychology in the College of Life Sciences and Medicine.

The Patient Safety Research Group co-ordinates research and teaching activities designed to improve the standard of safety for patients in health care systems.