Biographical information for Department staff, including contacts details, teaching responsibilities, research interests and recent publications can be accessed through the links below.




Contact Details

Dr Beacham, Nigel Lecturer (Scholarship)
Mr Chung, Michael Computer Officer
Prof Coghill, George Professor, SICSA Chair in System Modelling
Dr Collinson, Matthew Lecturer
Dr Compatangelo, Ernesto Lecturer
Prof Edwards, Peter Professor
Prof Gray, Peter Emeritus Professor
Dr Guerin, Frank Senior Lecturer
Prof Hunter, Jim Emeritus Professor
Mr Khan, Naveed Senior Computer Officer
Dr Kollingbaum, Martin Lecturer
Dr Lam, Joey Lecturer (Scholarship)
Dr Lin, Chenghua Lecturer
Prof Masthoff, Judith Professor
Prof Mellish, Chris Emeritus Professor
Dr Oren, Nir Reader
Dr Pan, Jeff Z. Reader
Dr Pang, Wei Lecturer
Prof Reiter, Ehud Professor
Dr Scharlau, Bruce Senior Lecturer (Scholarship)
Dr Siddharthan, Advaith Senior Lecturer (Postgraduate Research Coordinator)
Prof Sleeman, Derek Emeritus Professor
Dr Sripada, Yaji Senior Lecturer
Prof van Deemter, Kees Professor
Prof Vasconcelos, Wamberto Chair, Head of Department
Dr Wyner, Adam Lecturer