Submit a Notice

Staff and students can submit notices using the online form with the link, 'submit a notice', located at the top of the Notice Board page. To access this form you must first login using your login name and password. Your details will assist the Service Desk in locating your notice if you have any questions.

The 'Submit A Notice Form' requires that you provide a few details before submitting any notice. These include the 'Heading', 'Content' and 'Post Days'. The 'Post Days' are the number of days you would like your notice to appear on the Notice Board page and the date you would first like your notice to appear. The date section has, by default, values inserted. It is important for the user to verify or change these values to suit their needs. Do not try to submit a date prior to today's date as this will generate an error. You should allow at least two days for notices to be reviewed and the date on the form should reflect this. At the end of the specified number of days period the notice will automatically be removed from the Notice Board page.

The 'Link' field is optional. If you include an URL you must omit the 'http://' part. Only valid URLs will be allowed.

You can choose to have your notice published in either the Staff or Student sections. However, if the Administrator does not agree with your selection, it may be placed in another section. A special option is provided for the submission of official University items. This option may be used by staff only, to request priority posting of an item. If you would like your item to be published in both Staff and Student sections, you must submit it twice - once for each section.

Your notice will only be published once it has been reviewed and approved by the relevant section (Staff or Student) administrator. Please allow two working days for the approval process to be completed.

If a notice is rejected an email will be sent to the person who submitted the request with a reason for the rejection. All rejections can be manually re-submitted by using the 'Submit A Notice Form'

Once you submit your request, you will be given a reference number that should be quoted in any enquiry about your notice. All correspondence regarding a notice should be addressed to the Communications staff by email: If or when approved, your notice will appear on the Notice Board under the section that you specified on the form.

Your notice will be removed at the end of the time (Post Days) that you specified. You can request that this publishing time be extended by contacting the Service Desk and quoting your notice reference number, but this will be at the discretion of the administrator. Once the notice has reached its expiry time you will have 30 days to request an extension before your notice is removed from the system.