Notice Board System

The system is designed to display three sections of news and information. The 'Service' section will always be visible while the 'Staff' and 'Student' sections are displayed one at a time depending on who is viewing the page and from where they accessed the page. Tabs are provided at the top of each section which should be used to access that section of notices.

At the top of the Notice Board page there is a link, 'submit a notice', for submitting notices to the administrator for approval. Use this link whenever you want to submit a notice for the Notice Board. You will be asked for your login name and password which will be used if necessary, to identify who the notice belongs to. This is essential if the Service Desk is going to be able to assist with any queries regarding your notice. A reference number is also assigned to each notice that can be quoted in any enquiry about your notice. See 'Submit a notice' help section on the right for more detailed information on submitting a notice.

Notices that appear on the Notice Board are restricted to a certain size. If the message does not fit it will have a 'more...' link that when clicked will display the full message.

Notices with additional information may also include a 'Web Link' with relevant information.

No special priority is given to notices regarding position in the list of messages without a valid reason. More recent notices will generally appear near the top.

Notices will be removed from the Notice Board page at the end of the specified time as indicated on the 'Submit A Notice Form'. See 'Submit a notice' help section on the left for more details.