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Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition Award  

Congratulations to the WTSA-MMFI based team, led by the AFG on securing an exhibition space at the prestigeous Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition which will run from 04 - 10 July 2016 at Carlton House in London. The exhibit entitled Killer Fungus is one of only 22 selected from across the UK.  You can read more about the exhibit at Killer Fungus


Microbiology Society Fungal Disease Briefing Paper

The briefing which was published on 7th March highlights the important, but often overlooked, public health burden of human fungal diseases. In particular, we consider potentially life-threatening fungal infections, such as invasive candidiasis blood infections and aspergillosis respiratory infection, which affect millions of immunocompromised patients, such as HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy patients. Fungal diseases are not just a problem for human health, but also pose significant threats to our ash trees, animal health and food security.

To read more please visit the following link Fungal Disease Briefing


Wellcome Trust funding Schemes 
for post-PhDs and early- to mid-career researchers

Many thanks to Alexina Weekes, Grant Adviser at the Wellcome Trust for giving an update on the current funding schemes available to UK and international researchers, at our recent WTSA-MMFI Symposium at the Wellcome Trust Head Office. Alexina's presentatin can be viewed here.

WTSA-MMFI Symposium 08 - 10 February 2016

at Wellcome Trust Head Office, Euston Road London

We are looking forward to welcoming delegtes to this our first sympsoium since the launch of the Strategic Award in June 2012.  The programme will feature a number of presentations by internationally renowned medical mycologists interspersed with talks from the WTSA-MMFI students (International and Clinical PhDs) and Postdoctoral Fellows.








UK Fungus Day 21st October 2015

Professor Neil Gow and Dr Alex Brand, Aberdeen Fungal Group celebrated UK Fungus with a talk on "The double Life of fungi" from life-saving drugs, devastating disease and the demise of the dinosaurs, at Cafe Scientifique in Waterstones, Aberdeen.  To find out more go to http://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/7560/

International Research Programme - Meet the Students

This scholarship funds students from low- and middle-income countries to study a 12-month MRes in Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology at the University of Aberdeen followed by a 3-year PhD at a UK university. Meet five of our students who have graduated from the MRes course and are now studying for their PhDs at different universities in the UK. Visit Meet the Students 

WTSA-MMFI Students, Clinical Fellows and Postdocs present at Elevator Session in Aberdeen

Pictured are some of the WTSA-MMFI funded MRes and PhD students, Clinical PhD Fellows and Postdoctoral Fellows from across the UK Consortium universities that presented their research at a WTSA-MMFI Meeting on 10th March in Aberdeen.


For an up-to-date list of all the awards made by the WTSA MMFI, please visit Awards for a list of the awardees and details of their projects.

The Global Fight Against Fungal Diseases - Challenges and looking ahead

This video was edited by Healthcare 21 at no cost as a contribution to the global efforts to reduce deaths from fungal disease.

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