Trainee Continuing Professional Development

The School of Law at the University of Aberdeen is fully accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as licensed provider of both Trainee Continuing Professional Development (TCPD) and the Mandatory Ethics Course of the PEAT 2 programme. PEAT 2 is the new training plan for continuing professional development that must be undertaken during a trainee’s two-year traineeship. We provide an adaptable and individually-tailored programme of specifically trainee-focused training courses known as ‘Trainee Continuing Professional Development’ (TCPD) and a Mandatory Ethics Course for the professional education and training for legal trainees as they move towards completion of their training as qualified legal professionals.

Our programme introduces a range of courses and materials that are designed to meet the pre – requisite training outcomes of PEAT 2, across topics and areas that meet the demands and needs of the modern legal profession.

Courses are conducted in two hour interactive seminars at the Law School and cover ethics and professional conduct, skills focused topics such as interviewing, negotiation and court craft and substantive topics in both commercial and private client areas of law. Seminars are taken by both experienced and trained practitioners and by experienced Law School staff, many of whom have practised in a range of jurisdictions.

“This new and exciting programme of interactive seminars reflects the commitment of the School of Law to further expand opportunities for professional development at the University of Aberdeen.”

Anne-Michelle Slater, Head of the School of Law

Prescribed Law Society requirements for TCPD

• All trainees must complete a total of 60 hours of TCPD over the two years of their traineeship.

• A minimum of 40 hours of this must be with a provider authorised by the Law Society to deliver such training.

• A minimum of 30 hours is ordinarily required to be completed in the first 15 months of the traineeship.

• At least 4 hours must take the form of the Mandatory Ethics Course, which must be delivered by a provider specifically licensed to provide this course, which must be undertaken during months 9-15 of the traineeship.

• The training undertaken must address the PEAT 2 outcomes of Professionalism; Professional Communication; Professional Ethics and Standards; and Business, Commercial, Financial and Practice Awareness.