Teaching Staff

Dr Nerea Arruti works in two main areas: Southern Cone Latin-American cultures and Basque cultures. Her book on the work of Julio Cortázar’s visual territories is forthcoming, as are a number of articles on Basque cultural studies.  Dr Arruti is interested in representations (especially photographic) of violence and trauma in the Southern Cone, while she is also writing a book on the relationship between art, literature and politics in the Basque context, including the role of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. As well as teaching on the MSc in Latin American Studies, she would welcome MPhil or PhD students with projects relating to any of these interests or on any aspect of Latin American cultural studies.


Dr Mervyn Bain is a senior lecturer in the Department of Politics and IR. His research interests include politics and IR in Latin America, the relationship between the region and the United States but more specifically Cuba, its foreign policy and the island’s relationship with Russia in the post-Soviet era. He has published various articles on this topic. He is the author of the book Soviet-Cuban Relations 1985 to 1991. Changing Perceptions in Moscow and Havana (Lexington Books, 2006). His current research includes both Cuba and Russia’s increasing role within Latin America. He would gladly welcome research projects on any of these or on any aspect of Latin American Politics or IR.


Dr Maggie Bolton came to anthropology after an earlier career as a physicist/engineer in industry. She completed her PhD in social anthropology at the University of St. Andrews and worked at the universities of Manchester, Bradford and Hull before joining the anthropology department at Aberdeen. Her ethnographic area of research is the Bolivian Andes, and her most recent research has looked at interfaces between scientific and indigenous knowledge in the context of livestock development projects aimed at llama herders.


Dr Andrea Oelsner is a lecturer in the Department of Politics and IR. Her main research interests include Latin American politics, regional integration, Mercosur, and politics and IR in the Southern Cone, as well as international security and international peace, and constructivist approaches to International Relations. She is currently working on a project on the construction of a regional image in the Southern Cone, which explores Mercosur’s internal relations and its external agenda. Andrea will be willing to supervise research projects on any of these areas. She is the author of International Relations in Latin America: Peace and Security in the Southern Cone (Routledge, 2005).


Dr Trevor Stack is an anthropologist who has carried out extensive fieldwork in west Mexico, including a period among Mexican migrants in the United States. He is currently conducting research on citizenship in Mexico, looking for signs that people conceive citizenship as something more than just a relationship with the State. In particular, Dr Stack is asking whether citizenship gets conceived as a kind of freedom in the sense of room for manoeuvre. Dr Stack is also interested in citizenship, particularly the citizenship of towns and cities, and in the relationship between anthropology and literature. He would be willing to supervise research on any aspect of Latin American society and culture.


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Dr Will Tuladhar-Douglas, Department of Religious Studies

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