Guide to Services

This guide defines and categorises all the IT services currently available to our user community. You’ll find a short description of each service together with details such as service features, level of support, eligibility, costs, etc.

Communication and Collaboration

and Collaboration

Email, Telephony, Web, SharePoint, News, Surveys

Network Services


Wired Network, Wireless Network, Remote Access

Personal Computing


Accounts, Data Storage, Hardware, Software, Printing, Copying, Scanning

Services for Researchers

Services for

Hardware, Software, Data Management, Collaboration, Specialist Services, and more...

Support and Training

and Training

Service Desk, Training, Relationship Management, Support for Disabled Students

Systems Support and Maintenance

Systems Support
and Maintenance

Database Hosting, Library, Media Services, PC Classrooms, Research, Teaching and Learning

A-Z of IT Services

A-Z of IT Services

Alphabetical listing providing quick links to details about University of Aberdeen IT Services