IBES research spans from gene to global scales, from deep ocean to high altitude and from the Arctic to Antarctic. We use theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches across a broad taxonomic range of plants, animals and microbes, all directed towards understanding the causes and consequences of environmental change.

We are widely recognised as having international expertise in several key areas of biological and environmental sciences, including population and evolutionary ecology, fisheries, understanding and modelling the soil/plant/microbe interface, deep ocean biology, environmental effects on mammalian physiology and fish immunogenetics.

Research Programmes

Research activity in the Institute is divided into three research programmes:


Integrative Environmental Physiology

Studying the integrative processes and function of life, from the gene to whole organism.


Ecology and Evolution

Informing the understanding, management and conservation of natural populations.


Biological Interactions in Soil

Researching the plant/microbe/soil system to characterise biodiversity and maximise sustainability.