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Health Services Research Unit Health Sciences Building University of Aberdeen Foresterhill Aberdeen AB25 2ZD


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Vikki Entwistle re-joined the Health Services Research Unit in 2013 as Professor of Health Services Research and Ethics.

Vikki started her academic career in health services research as a research fellow at the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York (1994-1998). She then joined the Unit on a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship relating to patients’ participation in treatment decision-making. Vikki spent 2003-2004 as a Harkness Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health developing work on patients’ contributions to healthcare safety. She worked in the Unit, as Senior Research Fellow then Reader, until September 2005 when she moved to the Social Dimensions of Health Institute at the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews as part of the Alliance for Self Care Research. She was promoted in 2007 to Professor of Values in Healthcare.

Vikki has served on various research/policy committees. She was Editor of Health Expectations from 2007-2010

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Research Interests

In broad terms, my research is about values and ethics in health policy and health service provision. I use a variety of approaches, and am keen to encourage the use of philosophy alongside careful investigations of practice and experience to support improvements to policy and practice.

Much of my work relates to 'person centred care' and associated concepts such as autonomy, paternalism, respect, health literacy, patient enablement, shared decision-making and support for self-management. I'm particularly interested in how these concepts are understood and valued (including in relation to healthcare safety and effectiveness) and in the practical implications of how they are understood and valued. 

My other strong current interest is in exploring applications of capabilities approaches to quality of life assessment for the ethical evaluation and development of health and social care policy and research.

I am always willing to discuss potential PhD supervisions and postdoctoral mentoring arrangements within these broad areas. Please contact me at the e-mail address shown above or enquire at the Graduate School 

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Current Research

Examples of three research projects relating to service support for people self-managing long-term conditions 

Vikki Entwistle is leading the Health Foundation funded Concept:SSM project. This is being conducted in collaboration with colleagues from King's College London and the University of York. It aims to develop more practically relevant and ethically appopriate ways of thinking about how health and social care staff can help people to manage and live well with long term conditions.


Vikki Entwistle is contributing to a Cochrane Review of the effectiveness of personalised care planning. This is led by Professor Angela Coulter from the Oxford University.


Vikki Entwistle is contributing to a Health Foundation funded project that is investigating the relative importance of different forms of personalisation in self management support for people with chronic pian. This project is being led by Dr Chris Burton of the University of Aberdeen. 

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Teaching Responsibilities

SX1502 Health and wealth of nations 

PU5019 Qualitative health research 

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Note about publication list

Please note this publication list is not complete - some pre-2010 publications, including editorials written for Health Expectations are not listed.

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Educational qualifications

BA (hons) Theology and Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge 1986

MSc Information Science (Distinction), City University 1990

PhD Information Science, City University 1994

MA Philosophy (Distinction), Open University 2008

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Social media

I use Twitter although somewhat erratically - you can find me @entwistlev.

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Contributions to Journals


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