Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

There will be 6 Symposia, each chaired by a leading scientist acting as a discussion leader. The chair will also give an introduction to their symposium topics.

Keynote Lecture

The meeting will begin with a lecture by Prof Alistair Brown (University of Aberdeen, UK) on 'Candida albicans combinatorial stress responses, host interactions'.

Invited Lecturers and Chairs

Geraldine Butler

Andrew Koh

Antonis Rokas

Tom Dawson

Li-Jun Ma

Gary Huffnagle

Guilhem Janbon

Sarah Gaffen

Norman Pavelka

Jessica Quintin

Judith Berman

Georgios Chamilos

Mike Lorenz

Bodo Grimbacher

Hubertus Haas

Chris Mody

Alex Brand

Anita Sil

Tamara Doering

Bruce Klein

Françoise Dromer

Sven Krappmann

Karin Thevissen

Kirsten Nielsen

Damian Krysan

Julian Naglik

Richard Bennett

Rebecca Hall

Donna MacCallum

Ana Traven

 José Manuel Fernandez-Real