Since their inception in 1888, the Gifford Lectures have become the foremost intellectual event dealing with religion, science and philosophy. Lectures are given in the ancient Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews.

Professor David Livingstone will deliver the 2014 Gifford Lectures in February at the University of Aberdeen on the subject of Dealing with Darwin: Place, Politics and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements with Evolution.

In this series, Livingstone examines the role of place, politics and rhetoric in the way religious communities sharing a Scots Presbyterian heritage engaged with Darwinism in different venues - Edinburgh, Belfast, Columbia and Princeton. What emerges is the degree to which debates over Darwin were deeply embedded in local circumstances whether to do with anxieties over the control of higher education, views about the politics of race relations, challenges to traditional cultural identity, or attitudes to higher criticism. Attending to such particularities is intended to subvert the perennial inclination of many to speak of the relationship between science and religion - not least in our own day.

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