PhD Studentship in Anthropology on 'Human-Animal Relations in the Circumpolar North'


Home/EU/International fees, a maintenance stipend at RCUK rates for three years, and full funding for fieldwork costs are offered to a student to carry out research towards the PhD as part of the 5-year ERC-funded project 'Arctic Domestiation: Emplacing Human-Animal Relations in the Circumpolar North'.


The Department of Anthropology is offering one three-year PhD studentship to work on a project about human-animal relations in the circumpolar North. The position will start either in January 2014 or October 2014 and be based in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. The studentship will include full UK/EU fees and a maintenance stipend set at RCUK rates, funds to support conference travel and fieldwork, and a small equipment budget. The project will consider the possibility of paying the full overseas fees of an non-EU applicant depending on the quality of the application. The studentship form part of a 5-year project (2012-2017) funded by the European Research Council entitled ‘Arctic Domestication: Emplacing Human/Animal relations in the Circumpolar North.
‘Arctic Domestication’ aims to develop a new language to describe how communities of people and communities of animals invigorate life in Northern Places. Through fieldwork in seven settings from the Russian Federation, Canada, Alaska, and Fennoscandia we hope to document the wide variety of relationship between people and animals. The project will build on existing metaphors of animal agency, personhood, enskillment, embodiment and luck in order to build bridges between the disciplines of ethnography, science studies, environmental archaeology, genetics and zooarchaeology. Full details on the project can found on the first link below.
The studentship is designed to play an integral role in uniting small teams of scholars working in specific regions. The core of the application should be a research project which integrates knowledge of a particular setting with one or more of the disciplines within the project. Examples of possible student subprojects can be found on a second link below.


All applicants must hold or be close to completing a postgraduate Masters degree in social and/or cultural anthropology, cultural history, or similar field. The studentships are available for full-time study only. Students from outside the UK and EU may apply. The acceptance of any student will be conditional on their meeting the minimum admissions standards of the University and that their project description matches the goals of the project.

Application Procedure

Applicants should apply to the PhD programme in Anthropology, following the standard procedure and using the on-line or downloadable forms available at On the form, candidates should indicate that the application is for Postgraduate Research leading to the award of PhD in Anthropology. The date of entry should be given as either 1/2014 or 10/2014, the mode of study as full-time, and the intended source of funding should be listed as ‘ERC Arctic Domus’.


15th of October 2013

Further Info

Prospective applicants are storngly advised to contact the project's Principal Investigator Prof. David Anderson at

Application Docs

Two confidential letters of reference. One extended PhD proposal of 2 pages length. Optional: a sample of written work of up to 20 pages



Formal applications can be completed online:


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