James Forbes and Alexander Morrison Scholarships


The University of Aberdeen wishes to commemorate the historic links between the northeast of Scotland, the University of Aberdeen and the Scotch College and Melbourne in October 2013 by awarding two undergraduate scholarships - the James Forbes Scholarship and the Alexander Morrison Scholarship.


These scholarships, which are open to Australian nationals studying an undergraduate degree in the College of Arts and Social Sciences, are specifically designed to ensure students are at the University of Aberdeen while a number of key anniversaries relating to these historic links will be commemorated:

* 3 February 2014 - 185th of Morrison’s birth.
* June 2016 - 140th of Morrison receiving a Dr of Law from the University of Aberdeen and the 160th of Morrison’s appointment as Headmaster (Scotch College).
* 12 August 2016 - 165th of Forbes’ death.
* 2016 - 165th of the founding of the Scotch College.

The scholarships will cover full tuition fees for the duration of the degree.


Applicants must be citizens of Australia liable to overseas tuition rates. Preference will be given, in the first instance, to alumni of the Scotch College and their children or grandchildren, then to residents of Melbourne.

To be considered for the award you must have:

* applied for admission to the University of Aberdeen
* submitted the relevant application form for the scholarship
* been offered admission to the University by the closing date (below).


Decisions will be made on the basis of academic merit.

Application Procedure

Applicants must complete the relevant application form and provide all supporting documentation requested therein. Once completed, the application form and supporting documents should be sent to:

Ms Ann Marie Davidson - a.m.davidson@abdn.ac.uk.

Further details can be found on the application form below.


8th of March 2013

Application Docs




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