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This site is a historical archive about research on cephalopods at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen during the 1990s and early 2000s. "Eurosquid" was the nickname given to our EC-funded project on "Fishery Potential of North East Atlantic Squid Stocks" (1990-1992). "Eurosquid" is easier to remember, so the name gained popular currency. Some previous content of this page (e.g. people, publications) has been moved to the Marine and Fisheries Science page.

This web page is dedicated to the memory of Peter Boyle, who led the first three "eurosquid" projects (1990-2000) and who died in April 2009.

Last major update: 07 January 2010 (News and link to CIAC pages). Minor revision of links page on 1/7/14.


The World of Cephalopods

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Research Projects

CEPHSTOCK - Cephalopod Stocks in European Waters: Review, Analysis, Assessment and Sustainable Management (CEC Framework 5 Concerted Action, Oct 02- Sep 05)

Fishery Potential of North East Atlantic Squid Stocks (CEC FAR project, 1990-1992)

Stock Dynamics, Interactions and Recruitment in North East Atlantic Squid Fisheries (CEC AIR project, 1993-1995)

Cephalopod Resource Dynamics: Patterns in Environmental and Genetic Variation (CEC FAIR project, 1997-2000) - including the project CD-ROM

Data Collection for Assessment of Fished Cephalopods (CEC DG Fisheries Study Project, 1997-99)

Development of Software to estimate unreported and misreported catch and effort data and to apply fishery management models (CEC DG Fisheries Study Project, 1998-99)

Data collection for assessment of cephalopod fisheries (CEC DG Fisheries Study Project, 2000-01)


The World of Cephalopods

ICES Working Group on Cephalopod Fisheries and Life History

Worldwide Directory of Cephalopod Researchers (link)

Architeuthis: the giant squid

"Interesting things": cephalopod beaks [number 1 in an occasional series]

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Cephalopod discussion lists: If you have a general question about cephalopods, you should write to CEPH-LIST. Questions of a scientific nature may be sent to FASTMOLL.




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Ann and Peter Boyle, July 2008 (photo: Odd Aksel Bergstad)

Peter Boyle died on 22 April 2009. In the words of his son David: "Peter Boyle (Chapel of Garioch), Marine Biologist and Azorean Mill owner, died on Wednesday 22nd of April after giving an aggressive cancer a serious hammering for many years. It was against his wishes as he still had big plans. He leaves a cavernous gap in the lives of his wife Ann, his 3 children, Alice , David & Catriona and his 5 grandchildren, Jade, Ruth, Calum, Max & Nova." Donations to Cancer Research UK are invited.

Peter will be greatly missed as a colleague, project leader, researcher, teacher, mentor and friend. Lest we forget that he also had a formidable reputation outside the world of cephalopods, I copy here the words of Odd Aksel Bergstad from IMR in Bergen: "It is with sorrow that I have to report to you that Peter died on Wednesday 22 April 2009 at 2000h. Peter was one of the driving forces during the initiation of MAR-ECO in 2001, became ill in the autumn of 2003, and was unable to go to sea with us as planned in 2004. He was a great colleague and friend throughout, and despite his failing health he managed to finish his MAR-ECO book project. This became his last effort after a very active scientific career, marked by both good science and emphasis on high-quality dissemination to the wider public. Even in his final weeks he continued editing and communicating with the publisher. I was able to confirm to him as late as Wednesday morning that all issues had been resolved and that the book will be published as he wished, probably within the next six months. It will have a cover designed by his daughter Alice and also approved by him during Easter. We should remember Peter with joy. I believe he wanted that. Coming to Bergen with Ann last year in July (see picture), he laughingly described himself as a 'living exception' having survived all treatments and difficulties connected with his terminal cancer for much longer than his doctors expected. It is sad to lose a treasured colleague and friend, even when we've been prepared for it. I for one is very grateful to have known and been inspired by Peter. We will make sure that his friendship, scientific efforts, and contributions to MAR-ECO are properly recognised next week."

From Marek Lipinski (3/8/06): "Martina Adriana Compagno Roeleveld has died in Cape Town 30 June 2006. Excellent cephalopod systematist, uncompromising, difficult but brilliant and reliable friend, will always be remembered and sadly missed. Farewell, Sparky, we certainly will meet (and quarrel again) in the better world."
Following the 2006 CIAC conference in Hobart, Tasmania, the new CIAC Council web page can be found at (GJP, 14/4/06)

From Sasha Arkhipkin (9/1/03): "Dear friends and colleagues, Terrible news. Yesterday died Kir Nesis on his way from work to tube station in Moscow. The death has taken him as he always wanted - on his WAY, not in the hospital bed, by heart attack. Great man, extraodinary scientist, whom you all know or heard of. The funeral will be on Friday, please send your words of condolence to his wife Tatiana on"

A web-based version of the FAIR project CD-ROM is now available for viewing on this site

Information on the CIAC 2003 conference in Thailand is posted at ""

From Jean-Paul Robin:

“Dear Colleagues, It is my sad duty to inform you that Hervé Troadec was among the 3 people killed in a plane crash in Malaga last wednesday (August 29th 2001)… I think we all keep good memories of his participation to the Cephvar project and for his help in statolith studies... “

There was a theme session at the 2001 ICES ASC on "The response of cephalopod populations and fisheries to changing environment and ecosystems". The ASC was in Oslo, 26–29 September 2001. Please see the ICES ASC 2001 web page for further details. All the contributions appeared on the 2001 ICES ASC CD-ROM.

ICES WGCEPH. The most recent meeting was 5-6 December 2002 in Lisbon, under the chairmanship of Dr Jean-Paul Robin. The following meeting is likely to be held in autumn 2003..

CIAC 2000: In July 2000, the University of Aberdeen hosted the Cephalopod International Advisory Council's Millennium Conference on Cephalopod Biomass and Production. The proceedings were published at the end of 2002 in Bulletin of Marine Science. [The proceedings appear in two consecutive issues. These were being mailed out to authors in May 2003]

P.S. The main photo is of Loligo forbesi and was taken by Shirley Hughes

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