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Angus Donaldson
Director of Estates

Tel (01224) 272060
E-Mail a.donaldson@abdn.ac.uk

Robert Murray
Deputy Director of Estates

Tel (01224) 272060
E-Mail r.w.murray@abdn.ac.uk

Alan Wight
Assistant Estates Director (Projects)

Tel (01224) 273335
E-Mail a.wight@abdn.ac.uk

Robert Philp
Assistant Estates Director (Maintenance)

Tel (01224) 273335
E-Mail r.philp@abdn.ac.uk

Gordon Barrie
Grounds Chargehand

Tel (01224) 272145
E-Mail g.barrie@abdn.ac.uk

Kenneth Blackburn
Project Manager
Tel (01224) 274219
E-Mail k.blackburn@abdn.ac.uk

Domestic Services Manager

Tel (01224) 272057

Alan Brown
Building Clerk of Works

Tel (01224) 272071
E-Mail a.brown@abdn.ac.uk

David Brown
Deputy Sacrist, King's College

Tel (01224) 273325

Peter Cape

Tel (01224) 274221
E-Mail p.cape@abdn.ac.uk

Alan Chalmers
Team Leader (Mechanical)

Tel (01224) 272779
E-Mail alan.chalmers@abdn.ac.uk

Colin Clark
Building Clerk of Works

Tel (01224) 273680
E-Mail colin.clark@abdn.ac.uk

Hugh Milne

Tel (01224) 274790
E-Mail h.milne@abdn.ac.uk

Wendy Cruickshank
Housing Manager

Tel (01224) 272066
E-Mail w.cruickshank@abdn.ac.uk

Derek Davidson
Deputy Sacrist, Polwarth Building

Tel (01224) 277098
Ext 7098

Julie Davidson
Clerical Assistant, Mail Room (am only)

Tel (01224) 273841
E-Mail julie.davidson@abdn.ac.uk

Alistair Douglas
Attendant, Edward Wright Building

Tel (01224) 273734

Alistair Duguid
Attendant, Meston Building

Tel (01224) 272954

Mike Durno
M&E Chargehand (Projects)

Tel (01224) 273163
E-mail m.durno@abdn.ac.uk

Hazel Farquhar
Housing Assistant

Tel (01224) 272066
E-Mail h.farquhar@abdn.ac.uk

Lynn Fraser

Tel (01224) 273520
E-mail lynn.fraser@abdn.ac.uk

Kris Glodek
Estates Systems Engineer

Tel (01224) 272177
E-Mail k.glodek@abdn.ac.uk

Max Grant
Grounds Chargehand

Tel (01224) 274150
E-Mail m.grant@abdn.ac.uk

John Hayes
M&E Chargehand (Projects)

Tel (01224) 274223
E-mail john.hayes@abdn.ac.uk

Gordon Henderson
Attendant, Taylor 'C' & 'D'


Lindsay Hodgson
Clerical Assistant, Mail Room

Tel (01224) 273841
E-mail l.hodgson@abdn.ac.uk

Kevin Hughes
Car Park Attendant, Old Aberdeen


Stanley Jack
Sacrist, King's College

Tel (01224) 273325
E-Mail stan.jack@abdn.ac.uk

George Johnson
Building Clerk of Works

Tel (01224) 272068
E-Mail g.johnson@abdn.ac.uk

Christina Kincaid
Project Manager

Tel (01224) 273663
e-mail c.kincaid@abdn.ac.uk

Dave MacDonald
Clerk of Works Manager
Tel (01224) 272069
E-Mail david.macdonald@abdn.ac.uk

Jonathan MacLean
Attendant, Zoology Building

Tel (01224) 272217

David Malcolm
Health & Safety Manager

Tel No (01224) 273173
E -mail david.malcolm@abdn.ac.uk

Gordon Mathieson
Systems Manager

Tel (01224) 274911
E-Mail g.mathieson@abdn.ac.uk

Marilyn McIntosh
Furnishings and Mail Officer

Tel (01224) 272058
E-Mail m.mcintosh@abdn.ac.uk

Alan McLennan
Clerk of Works (Projects)

Tel (01224) 272073
E-Mail alan.mclennan@abdn.ac.uk

John McManus
Assistant Estates Director
(Building Services)

Tel (01224) 273718
E-Mail j.e.mcmanus@abdn.ac.uk

Doug Meldrum
Clerk of Works (Projects)

Tel (01224) 272073
E-Mail d.meldrum@abdn.ac.uk

Steven Miller
Architectural Technologist

Tel (01224) 273659
E-Mail s.miller@abdn.ac.uk

Atholl Murray
Maintenance Manager (M&E)

Tel (01224) 272072
E-Mail atholl.murray@abdn.ac.uk

Mandy Murray
Office Manager

Tel (01224) 272063
E-Mail mandy.murray@abdn.ac.uk

Graeme Mutch
Control Room Manager

Tel (01224) 273327
E-Mail g.mutch@abdn.ac.uk

Chris Osbeck

Travel Plan Co-ordinator

Tel (01224) 272254

E-Mail c.osbeck@abdn.ac.uk

George Philip
Deputy Sacrist, Polwarth Building

Tel (01224) 552472
E-Mail g.philip@abdn.ac.uk

Pamela Ross
Housing/Technical Administrator (Rowett)

Tel (01224) 438666
E-Mail p.ross@abdn.ac.uk

Calum Proctor
Project Manager

Tel (01224) 274222
E -mail c.proctor@abdn.ac.uk

Catriona Quinn
Housing Assistant

Tel (01224) 273102
E -mail c.quinn@abdn.ac.uk

Bruce Reid
Grounds Officer

Tel (01224) 272143
E -mail b.reid@abdn.ac.uk

Graeme Reid
Electrical Chargehand

Tel (01224) 273649
E -mail g.reid@abdn.ac.uk

Malcolm Scott
Draughtsman, Data Preparation

Tel (01224) 273617
E-Mail m.scott@abdn.ac.uk

David Simpson
Clerical Assistant, Mail Room

Tel (01224) 273841
E-Mail d.a.simpson@abdn.ac.uk

Clark Middleton
Controls Engineer, Heating Station

Tel (01224) 274244
E-Mail c.middleton@abdn.ac.uk

David Stark
Team Leader (Electrical), Electrical Workshop

Tel (01224) 272142
E-Mail d.stark@abdn.ac.uk

Security Supervisor
Security Office
9A Dunbar Street
(Office Hours or in Emergency)

Tel (01224) 273327/273939
E-Mail securitycontrol@abdn.ac.uk

Bob Watson
Small Works Manager

Tel (01224) 272067
E-Mail r.s.watson@abdn.ac.uk

Rachel Watterson

Tel (01224) 273335
E-Mail r.watterson@abdn.ac.uk

George Wilson
Energy Analyst & Investigations Engineer

Tel (01224) 274160
E-Mail gwilson@abdn.ac.uk

Tristan Wolfe
Utilities Manager

Tel (01224) 273266
E-Mail tristan.wolfe@abdn.ac.uk

Jackie Wyness
Senior Cleaning Supervisor

Tel (01224) 273618
E-Mail j.wyness@abdn.ac.uk