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Wasting Water - Why Does it Matter

 Water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources, and conservation of water is necessary as water transportation and treatment requires large amounts of energy with the consequent impact on the environment that arises from this.  By saving water you can also help protect wildlife that live in rivers and wetlands as the more water that is used in our homes, the less there is available in rivers, lakes and wetlands.  For example, when water levels in rivers fall, food sources for birds can be lost, and oxygen levels can fall dangerously low for fish.  In 2005, groundwater levels were lower than they have been for 20 years.

The energy impact with the use of water is also high as heating water accounts for a lot of the energy used in homes, so the more water used, the more energy that is needed.

Water and sewerage are charged through a combination of standing charges and volumetric charges. Reducing water consumption results in savings both in water and sewerage costs.

Water is also not as abundant as it first may appear.  Here in the UK we have less water than the hotter Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy and Spain.  We are using 50% more water than we did 25 years ago.


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