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Elphinstone Institute   Folk Song: Tradition, Revival, and Re-Creation

Cover image of Folk Song: Tradition, Revival, and Re-Creation

Edited by Ian Russell and David Atkinson

Folk Song: Tradition, Revival, and Re-Creation is a major contribution to UK and international folk song studies at the start of the twenty-first century. It brings together 36 selected essays, which explore the revival movements, key men and women who made them happen, and some significant singers and songs.

The subjects covered range from ballad studies to folk-rock, from the engravings of Hogarth to the Manchester Runway protest, with differing theoretical and critical perspectives, including features on several of the prime movers – Sabine Baring-Gould, Frank Kidson, Lucy Broadwood, Annie Gilchrist, Gavin Greig, Maud Karpeles, Ruth Herbert Lewis, Annabel Morris Buchanan, Ewan MacColl, Moses Asch, Louise Manny, and Peter Kennedy.

Among the many issues tackled are: cultural politics, national identity, commercialisation, gender, mass media representation, adaptation and acculturation, fakelore, creativity, repertoire analysis, and singing style.

This is a fascinating and timely collection of new insights in the field of folk song, representing the exciting diversity of current research, and deserves to be widely read by scholars and folk revival participants alike.

Folk Song: Tradition, Revival, and Re-Creation book, £20.00, is available from the Online Store.


1. Introduction
Ian Russell

2. One hundred years of the Folk-Song Society
Vic Gammon

Reviving and re-creating folk traditions

3. The Ballad Society: a forgotten chapter in the history of English ballad studies
Sigrid Rieuwerts

4. The Little Song-Smith: a printed folk song anthology and its reception among Ingrian peasants, 1849–1900
Thomas A. Dubois

5. Folk song in Lithuania
Nijolė Sliužinskienėand Rimantas Sliužinskas

6. Compositional processes and the aesthetics of originality: reflections on a ballad in a twentieth century Finnish opera
Tina K. Ramnarine

7. Transformations of Tradition in the Folkways Anthology
Edmund O’Reilly

8. Choosing the right folk: the appointment of ‘human cultural properties’ in Korea
Roald Maliangkay

9. Folk club or epic theatre: Brecht’s influence on the performance practice of Ewan MacColl Michael Verrier

10. British folk songs in popular music settings
Robert Burns

11. Ghosts of voices: English folk(-rock) musicians and the transmission of traditional music
Britta Sweers

12. Revival: genuine or spurious?
David Atkinson

Those who made it happen

The men

13. The Telfer Manuscript: ballad and song collecting in the Northumbrian Borders
John Wesley Barker

14. Sabine Baring-Gould and his old singing-men
Martin Graebe

15. Folk song and the ‘folk’: a relationship illuminated by Frank Kidson’s Traditional Tunes
John Francmanis

16. ‘Dear Mr. Walker’ – the Letters of Gavin Greig to William Walker of Aberdeen
Robert S. Thomson

17. Collectors of English-language songs for the Irish Folklore Commission, 1935–1970
Tom Munnelly

18. Roving Out: Peter Kennedy and the BBC Folk Music and Dialect Recording Scheme, 1952–1957
E. David Gregory

The Women

19. Lucy Etheldred Broadwood: her scholarship and ours
Lewis Jones

20. Anne Geddes Gilchrist: an assessment of her contributions to folk song scholarship
Catherine A. Shoupe

21. An ‘English’ lady among Welsh folk: Ruth Herbert Lewis and the Welsh Folk-Song Society
E. Wyn James

22. Unnatural selection: Maud Karpeles’s Newfoundland field diaries
Martin Lovelace

23. Annabel Morris Buchanan and her folk song collection
Lyn Wolz

24. The life and legacy of a New Brunswick folk song collector
Margaret Steiner

Singers and Songs

25. A thematic reconsideration of the textual ancestors of ‘The Bitter Withy’
Andrew King

26. ‘Mylecharaine’: a forgotten call to nationhood
Fenella Crowe Bazin

27. The ballad singer and seller depicted in the works of William Hogarth
Andrew C. Rouse

28. ‘The Brown Girl’ (Child 295B): a Baring-Gould concoction?
Steve Gardham

29. ‘Spencer the Rover’ - an old soldier?
Simon Furey

30. Joseph Taylor from Lincolnshire: a biography of a singer
Ruairidh Greig

31. Bell Duncan: ‘The greatest ballad singer of all time’?
Julia C. Bishop

32. Sam Howard and the east Norfolk singing tradition, 1919–1936
Christopher Heppa

33. A matriarch of song: Belle Stewart, ‘The Queen Amang the Heather’
Sheila Douglas

34. A study of tongch’ojesinging style in Korean narrative song, p’ansori
Yeonok Jang

35. Clyde Covill: reconstructing a community tradition
Jennifer C. Post

36. Songs from under the Flightpath: environmental protest song in context
Simon Heywood




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