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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

Makin' m' Kite     by: Johnston, William

A myn e first time aat A biggit een
It took m' a whilie ye ken
Bit fou pleased A wis fin A feenished it
A wis prooder than ony clockin' hen.

Twa thin stickies wur tied like a cross
Then laid on the grun weel flat doon,
A page fae an aul Press n' Journal
Tae them wis then firmly stuck roon.

A tail wis e neist thing aat wis needed
So a yaird lang bit o' aul twine
Wi bitties o' paper spaaced oot
Wis weel yokit ontil its lang eyn.

N' so it wis jist aboot ready
Ae thing wis nott tae mak it jist right
A lang, lang linth o' a strong bit o' tow
N'than A cwid flee m'new kite!

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