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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn-Sang, Music

Aiberdeen     by: Smithfield Primary

Tune: London's Burning

Aiberdeen, Aiberdeen,
Bi the North Sea, bi the North Sea
Ile an fish, ile an fish
An a fine sanny beach.

Aiberdeen, Aiberdeen
Dee an Don, Dee an Don
Smithfield an Northfield
And Rubislaw Den

Aiberdeen, Aiberdeen
King's College, King's College
St Machar's Cathedral
Bon Accord, Bon Accord

The Dons, the Dons
The Tolbooth, the Tolbooth
The Carnies, the Carnies
The Toonhoose , the Toonhoose

Marischal College, Marischal College
Merket Cross, Merket Cross
The boaties, the boaties,
An the mannie in the Green.

Duthie Park, Duthie Park
The lichthoose, the lichthoose
Roon the herbor, roon the herbor
Hazleheid, Hazleheid

Rubislaw Quarry, Rubislaw Quarry
Auld Pittodrie, auld Pittodrie
Castelgate, Castlegate
Bonnie flooers bonnie flooers

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