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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn-Sang, Music

Nesty Bunny Fi-Fi     by: Blackhall, Sheena

This is a North East adaptation o the Boston sang 'Little Bunny Fou-Fou'. It is sung tae the French tune 'Allouette'

Atween ilkie verse, tell the bairns tae imagine fit kinno spell the fey wid pit on 'Nesty Bunny Fi-fi' an on fit pairt o his body wad she cast the spell. Further mair, fit wad she cheenge it inno?

Nesty Bunny Fi-Fi
Lowpin through the widdies
Catchin aa the moosies
An chappin them ower the heid.

Up comes the fairy
Sez tae Bunny Fi-fi
I will pit a spell on ye
Unless yer gweed!

(the spell is sortit oot atween the verses, an spukken)

Bunny Fi-fi you are nesty
I am gaun tae cast a spell
On yer... I will cheenge it
Tae a ... sae watch yersel

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