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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Education, Place, History

Scotland     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Don an Dee

St Andrew's flag
Muckle stag

Fish n' Chips
Whisky nips

Irn Bru
Rangers blue

Arbroath smokies
Sweetie pyokies

Hairy Sporran

Wee Free Kirk
Heilan stirk

Burns Sonnet
Tartan Bunnet

Hotch potch
Double Scotch


Largs, Dunblane
Sleet an Rain

North Sea lle
Barlinnie Jyle

Dark Culloden
Scarlet rodden

Nessy's hame
Curler's game

Midgies heezin
Salmon season

Athole Brose
Wee Fite Rose

Drivin snaa
Hadrian's Waa

Whuppity Stoory
Bannocks, floory

Buts n' Bens
Misty Glens

Oor Willie
Jabots, frilly

Granny's sookers,
Littlins' dookers

Glesga Toun
Dingin doon

Grandpa Broon
Gowf at Troon

Robert Bruce
Harvest Moose

Kent his faither
Grouse n' Heather

Peer Man's Stovies
Buttered rowies

Shetland seals
Echtsome reels

William Wallace
Yowes on Harris

Parridge Pot
Sir Walter Scott

Tattie Dreel
Herrin Creel

Fitba match
Herrin catch

John Knox
Torry Rocks

Princes Street
Dreepin weet

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