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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Education

Solar Siblings     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Nine planets heich in their orbits birl,
Mercury, Venus, Mars,
Five meens aroon Uranus furl,
Bricht skirps o yalla stars.

Saturn's rings an Jupiter's lamps
Shine oot in the inky nicht,
Far icicle Neptune, cauld an deid,
An pysonous Pluto's plooky heid,
Circle the sun, a furnace reid,
The source o the solar licht.

The flooer o them aa is a smaa green baa
Wi a toorie o snaa on tap,
Australia's croon hings upside doon
Jist roon fae the polar cap.
Auld Earth, wi its seas, its cloods, its trees
An its littlins in its lap!

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