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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose

Hunt e Gowk     by: Johnston, Mary

Ma dad tellt me iss lamgamachie an his dad hid tellt it him, so it mun be troo.
Andra wis fowerteen, new left e skweel wi niver a sorrafu tear or backlins look
at e place. It was his first fee, orra loon at Hillies, an fair teen on wi's sel he wis. He likit e werk fine, fyles oot shimmin, fyles in e byre coggin calfies, fyles seein til e pair. He got on fine wi tither werkers on e ferm. He didna mind e madden-dreems, e tarraneesin frae tither men aboot e toon, easier ti thole than e dominie's tawse or missie's afftaken werds. E singin in e barn at nicht efter supper, sittin on tap o a corn kist, duntin oot e rhythm wi heels o's tackity beets made up for ony affront he micht he hid frae the men.
E winter wis ahin em an spring sawin aboot ti stert bit first ere wis e plooin match. Ae morning he wis in e stable redden e pair wi a dandy brush an kaim fen in waalks e plooman.
Come on loon, he said, pit yer back intil't. Fit yer needin is some elbick grease. Ye've still e graith an tackle ti feenish. Here, tak is tanner an awa ti Maggie's shoppie, ye'll get a tin o e stuff ere.
Andra grippit at tanner ticht in his neive an ran aa e wye til e shoppie. E bell dingit ahin him fen he careened intil e shop.
Mecry on's, said Maggie fit's come ower ye? Fit's aa e hash for?
I'm needin a tin o elbick greese, Andra said pantin like a collie dug. An I'll need ti hurry kis e men's aa wytin.
Noo fit wye wis Maggie lachin sae sair, huddin her sides and leanin ower e coonter? Oh laddie, laddie, she said. I doot ey're haein ye on. Ere's nae sic thing as
'elbick grease.' Div ee nae mind fit day iss is?
It's Tyseday, answert Andra winnerin gin Maggie hid gyaan gyte.
Aye bit fit's e date? she speert dichtin e tears frae her een wi e neuk o her peeny.
Weel Andra didna ken kis he didna tak muckle note o eese things noo aat he wis feeenisht wi e skweel.
It's Awprile first! It's Hunt e Gowk day.! Ey've gotten ye e day!
Andra wis a bit cuist doon bit nae for lang kis Maggie teen peety on him an sent him awa wi a fine piece. He mibee cam back empty handit bit his wyme wisna boss.
Noo I come ti think on't, grandad's name wis Andra., wis't him teen for a Gowk?

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