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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home, Seasons

Tae a Clootie Dumplin     by: Emslie, Mary

Bonnie wee thing rowt up in a cloot
Wi a tow roon yer middle or yer innards wid fa oot
Canny wee thing hotterin awa in the pot
Fower oors in there an that's yer lot.
Lovely wee thing aa bonny an broon
Wi currants and raisons richt up tae yer croon,

They splash sperits aa ower ye and stap siller in yer weem
Some like ye wi custard, ithers like ye wi cream
I ken yer nae the chieftain o' the puddin race
But maybe someday there will be a clootie dumplin address
Cis ye can be a dumplin tae my dinner and a cake tae ma tea
An there's ae thing am sure o ye'll never pass on B.S.E.

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