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Shift It!     by: Wheeler, Les

Source: To Pastures New - Sir James Guthrie

I get a day aff fae the skweel
Ye'd think that wid be grand,
But the geese hiv tae be shifted
An I've tae gie a haun.

Noo, Jookums! stop yer caperin.
An dinna staun an hiss.
Ye'll get a tappie wi this rod
An ye ken I winna miss.

An Fussler! Fit a vratchie!
Ye rin aa ower the place.
Ye chased the cat an flegged the dog
Ye're plainly a disgrace.

Noo stop that orra flappin
An get alang the park.
I need tae get back tae the hoose
Afore it turns ower dark.

For Mither's makkin toffee,
Sae I hivna lang, ye see
For the loons'll lowse fae plooin
An there'll be neen left for me!

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