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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Seasons

In The Sunlicht     by: Wheeler, Les

Source: In the Sunlight – John Duncan Fergusson

Step oot upon a Simmer morn
See sunlicht tak a haun.
Drawin colour oot o licht
An brichtenin aa the lan.

The colours that ye saa yestreen
Fan cloods grayed oot the scene;
Are blawn awa bi greens an blues
That daunce afore yer een.

The lassie that bides doon the lane
Is bonnie aa the time:
But see yon beauty blossom
Fan the sun begins tae shine.

In sun the shaddas revel,
Nae langer dark as nicht;
The warld is fu o colour
Fan yokit wi sunlicht.

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