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Winter Fairm     by: Wheeler, Les

Sheep in a Snowstorm -
Joseph Farquharson

The win' an hail hae daen thir bit
The freezin haar hings roon
The blizzard drives drift doon on drift
An still the snaa dings doon.

The yowes'll scrape the granite grun
Tae get a bittie girss
Thir oo is frozen tae itsel
Could onything be worse?

The fairmer kens he'll hae tae tchaave
Tae bring them hey he'll strive;
He'll fecht the wither day an nicht
Tae keep his beasts alive.

Thir'll come a day; we hope it's seen,
Fan the win'll ease it's haun.
The snaa step back fae park an hill
An Spring'll waak the lan'.

They've tholed a teuch, sair season,
The winter feed's near deen.
They ken that Spring is comin;
But Lord! O Lord! Fu seen?

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