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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Geriatric     by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

A’m auld bit I remember weel the times lang gaen afore,
Closed inside ma memory the secrets an’ the lore,
O’ fishin’ an’ o’ poachin, o’ stalkin’ oer the hill,
O’ ca’in geese or ducks frae lochs tae tryst them for the kill.

Bit yet for yesterday’s events, an’ ploys o’ recent times,
Ma memory has lost its grip like a clock that’s lost its chimes.
Far back its nae a problem, its clear as clear can be
O’ auld freens an’ young dreams an’ faces that I see,
Bricht wi’ youth an’ merriment, the lang days past are seen
Bit yesterday an’ the day afore, the memories are gaen.

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