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Elphinstone Kist   Place

Collieston (1)     by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

Sittin’ on the braehied lookin back the years..
Fit is there tae look at wi agein een that peer
Through a generation’s mirk bless’d wi’ coontless gleams
0’ happiness an’ tenderness an’ tears an’ hopes an’ dreams.

This wee toon’s a happy place an’ lens its peace tae all
That bide within its shelter or come back tae its call.
Its bairns will aften wander far awa fae hame.
Bit aye the call will come tae them an’ the answer be the same.

Farevcr they may find themsels be it far or be it near
Their thochts will turn sae kindly tae places they haud dear.
0’ Cransdale an Perthudden, the beach, the boatie shore,
The North Braes an’ Hummilcrag, or Hackley an’ the moor.

So may oor bairns find happiness an’ bonny sunny days
Tae wander ower the rocky shores or up the Sandy Braes.
An’ let them feel its magic charm an’ hameward fitsteps guide
Tae find, like us the heartsease in comin’ here the bide.

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