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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

The Lang Reel o Collieston     by: Mackie, Dr Lewis

As I cam intae Collieston a weddin party did I see
The bride an’ groom were hastenin on
An’ a’ the fowk chased them wi’ glee.

I saw a lass wi’ speckled een an’ stopped her as she passed by me
An’ shouted her abune the noise “Why a’ the hilarity?
Oh, lassie wi’ the speckled een far dae ye haste sae jauntily?”

“Tae Penny Gravits, Sir” said she, “Tae dance a reel maist cantily”.
“An’ wha will ye get tae partner ye, tae dance that reel sae merrily?”
“Nae wint o’ partners will I hae.” She answered me richt cheerily.
Awa she skipped, blue ribbons dancin roon her hair sae prettily,
A’ I could dae wis follow her an’ hope that she wid dance wi’ me.

At Benatlove there wis a steer o’ fowk a’ fou a’ jollity
An the Lang Reel wis formin up sae we looked for places eagerly.
They tied a ribbon roon ma airm an’ shook ma han’ maist cordially
An took me tae the laddie’s raw an’ gar’d me stand there patiently.
Fan I looked ower the lassie’s row, I did so very fearfully.
Bit fa wis there bit Speckled Een a’smilin at me cheekily.

We danced that reel along the braes
An through the toon tae the grey green sea,
An’ by the shore my thochts were wild
An’ seen it wis sae clear tae me,
That bonny quine I should mak mine.
Nae langer wid ma hert be free.

Wee Speckled Een, she haunted me an made me sigh sac wearily
I could’na wait tae seek ma fate, an’ I jist hid tae mak ma plea.
"Och, mairry me in Collieston an dance again the Reel wi’ me"
An Gweed be thanked, she smiled at me
An spoke these words sae lovingly
“My bonny lad gie me your han’ we’ll dance oor measure joyously
Wi’ the Lang Reel a’ Collieston, we’re wedded till Eternity.

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