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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Security Guard     by: Fyvie, Karen

See that quinie ower there?
The een wi the lang broon hair?
She's bin here afore, ye see.
Took a pack o troosers, set o three
Look! There she goes again!
Picked up twa reid sheen!
I'll hae tae takk her tae the boss
She'll get intae's her loss
Excuse me quinie...come wi me
Gie me the sheen, or the worse it'll be
That's it, noo. Follae ahin.
Hurry up, that's the wye.

Excuse me sir, but this wee quine
She wis takkin some its nae affa fine
She's din it afore bit she wisna caught.
Noo empty yer pooches, takk oot the lot
Pen, book, key ring, locket.
That's it sir. Noo I'll get aff.

Poor wee quine..bit it's aa her fault
Nae my problem. She wis caught
Och weel, anither day ower.
Same problems. Foo dae I bother?

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