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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, Sport & Leisure

The Fishers     by: Wood, Rev. James S.

‘Hiv ye heard yet, Willie man,
Aboot the fish I lost the streen?
A muckle salmon, five feet lang,
The biggest I hiv iver seen.’

‘Na, certies Jock, that wis a sicht!
A peety that ye lost ‘im though.
But heard ye fit I catched last nicht,
In the burnie doon alow?

A lantern, Jock! An fit think ye?
The can’le in’t wis bleezin!’
‘Come on noo Willie, that’s a lee.
Ye’ve surely tint yer reason.’

‘Weel, Jockie lad, I’ll tell ye fit,
Lat’s jist pit things tae richt
Tak fower fit aff the fish ye lost,
An I’ll blae oot ma licht!’

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