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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Seasons     by: Joss, Nicola

Hit's Winter
The sna's here. Hit's aboot time!
I get hame fae skweel,
Then I get ready for gan ootside.
I pull on ma beets an pit on ma hat.
I grab ma sled, an run doon the road,
Meet ma friens an hae a gweed keckle,
Get tae the hill an speed richt doon it.
Hit's affa caul! I think I'll ging back,
Ging hame an sit by the fire,
Heat ma queets, hae a cuppy o tea,
Get tae ma bed, canna wait for the morn
Hae mair snaba fechts
An maybe bigg a snaman.

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